3 twisters touchdown in Westport, damages dock: On March 25, 2015 a tornado touched down in Mannford, Sand Springs and Westport. This picture captures some damage to a marina at Keystone Lake the tornado caused.

“The town of Westport has everything a town could ever need. You can feel close to nature and go boating on the lake, fly in and out of the local airport, or go shopping in town. Westport truly has the best of both worlds.” –Brad Cost

Boating season: May 2015 was the wettest month on record in Oklahoma history. As a result, boating on Keystone Lake has not been permitted due to the high water levels.

HOA host end-of-year Bar-B-Que for homeowners: After the annual clean-up, the HOA hosted a get together for homeowners with pizza and drinks.

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